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About me


It’s time for a new adventure!

This blog is about travelling, intercultural friendship, poetry and (nearly) everything I’m pondering over. My dad is living in Italy since I was a child that’s why I grew up bilingual and in two partly different cultures. I call myself a language- and culture-enthusiast and I’m trying to express it on this blog.

Besides sports, music and poetry it’s one of my biggest passions to write about my thoughts. I want to inspire and touch you on an emotional level and I’m always trying to develop my writing skills.

My name is Samy,
I’m a daydreamer and traveler.

You’re interested in travelling, addicted to music, movies and books? I think, you’ll like my blog.
Everytime I travelled to a new place i left a part of my heart there.

The next months are going to be really exciting for me because I’ll travel a lot and in October I’ll start my gap year abroad. You want to know where I’m going to stay? Then you should subscribe and stay as excited as I am.
Any ideas or something you want me to know? You can leave me a comment or write an email ([email protected]). Constructive critism is always welcome.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

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