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Welcome to the Hotel Valentino

I’m not sure where to start with telling you about my travel to Rome with my German grandma. It’s been our dream for many many years and now we finally did it. Eventhough I saw many Italian cities I’ve never been to Rome.

Our trip began to be adventurous right before we left the house twenty minutes after midnight because we had to get the last train. Actually my grandma isn’t living in the city of Berlin that’s why the last train is coming before one o’clock and the first after four o’clock. The first train would have been too late or at least it would have been to risky. I never missed a flight and so I didn’t want to do it for the first time when where this close to our dream. So we had to leave the house too early and without getting any sleep. As you can imagine we were really tired and had too much time at the airport.

When we arrived in Rome we were too excited and nearly forgot our tiredness. Before we started to explore the city we left our luggage at our accommodation.

We didn’t want to visit the Colosseum on our first day but we met a tourist from Georgia, so we went all together. After a while that we visited the area around the Colosseum we got really tired and went back to our accommodation where we relaxed for a couple of hours.

No, I don’t want to write about all the sights which we saw in Rome because there are some much more interesting parts to tell you about our trip.

In the evening we decided to try the restaurant which was next to our accommodation. When we got there I spoke to some guests, the staff and the owner of the restaurant in Italian as well. My grandma doesn’t speak a word Italian but she’s able to communicate always and erverywhere without knowing the language which is fascinating for me.

After a while the manager of the restaurant Valentino sat with us and he played the guitar. Valentino played the guitar while singing italian songs which I knew too. Valentino asked me which song I could sing and I suggested to play the guitare. This was the beginning of our daily ritual of making music together and we started to be a well-coordinated team. The music created a familiar atmosphere that’s why my grandma and I came back to the restaurant every evening.


The songs we played will us always remind of our journey to Rome.

Music fascinates me so much and has always been playing an important role in my life. It brings together what belongs together.
As far as I am concerned I nearly never had a problem to perform in front of an audience which was really usefull in the last days. The restaurant was very well attended that’s why we had a great audience. Most people had fun while listening to our performance or at least I hope so because I had a lot of fun.

Music brings people together and makes them feel good! 

At this point I’m not sure how to complete this article because there a still a lot of things I didn’t mention. It’s not easy for me to express everything of our journey and our great experience in Rome.

For sure I can say: One day we will get back to Rome! 

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