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Body positivity

Photography became more and more a passion of mine that’s why I bought a camera some months ago. I really like taking photos of other people while doing so it’s not important which appearance I have.


Sometimes I’m with friends who take pictures of me as well as I take some of them.
In the last years I became much more self-confident, there’s my healthy self-confidence on the one side but on the other side I’m still struggling with loving and accepting myself completely. I’m sure so aren’t you always in harmony with yourself, which is totally human.


The last time a friend of mine took photos of me caused some bad feelings about myself. I have to say that some of the photos were fine and with pleasure I look at them. One or another photo is disadvantageous and makes me feel uncomfortable with myself. I like photos of myself which show me while I’m laughing and showing real emotions.

“Body positivity” is a theme which is becoming more popular on social networks like Instagram. It’s not easy to talk about personal problems because that’s how the wrong kind of people get to know how they can hurt you or at this point it’s me who’s talking about it. Anyway I’m fine with that and happy that “body positivity” is  a theme we can talk about. People share their stories and inspire more and more to be “real” on social media.

My view of the problem is that you’re just taking one moment which doesn’t have to show the reality because everything can appear different. Body posture is something that is used for instance on social media for seeming skinnier. Photoshop is used as well just because the society wants to see the ideal of beauty and less reality. Everybody tries to show himself from his best side -always.

I’m not perfect at all! Some of the photos of myself I’d never show on social media maybe because my body posture makes my body seem to be different not how I look when you see me walking on the streets. My body is not skinny and I’m not having my clothes in size zero- that’s the way I am and the way I have to accept myself. Nevertheless I like eating healthy food and doing sports because it makes me happy. Fortunately it’s not all about appearance!
As you can see I’m smiling a lot on photos and I assure you that my smile isn’t fake. That’s how I mostly act also in the reality which makes me seem really self-confident. I’m trying to accept myself the way I am and so do others or almost no one says anything negative about my look.

All in all, I would like to mention as it’s summer time everybody has the right to feel comfortable with his own body and doesn’t have to hide it.

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