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Language enables people to connect!

Now I finished high school and I’m more than happy with this. Eventhough I (somehow) hated school, there have been some advantages every student could have taken from our everyday’s nightmare.
I know, not everybody loves foreign languages as much as I do but we all had the luck to take lessons in at least one language. I’ve been studying English for twelve years with several different teachers who expected different skills from every student.
Obviously my English skills aren’t perfect but I’m okay with that and happy that I’m able to do much more than just small talk.

On the one hand my English teachers swapped a lot but on the other hand I had one French teacher for five years. The French teacher has been challenging us a lot without being rude. Over time, he knew every student of his course and which abilities each of us has. Not everyone took advantage of this fact because sometimes it seemed for instance he had a lower expectation concerning certain students.

What I wanted to say, which is that I enjoyed it learning foreign languages for many years. Of course not in every country exists a good working school system as well as in Germany. With graduating from school we’ll never have the chance again to take lessons as mentioned before for free. Without that regularity of a language course I’ve been afraid of forgetting my skills since I graduated. English is used a lot in social media but is French used so too?

I was looking for a solution and I found one.
For exchanging your language skills with other students it’s easy to find a tandem partner. That means you’re meeting a native speaker in your foreign language who’s learning your first language. In one of my next blog posts I’ll explain to you how to find a tandem partner.
A tandem partner can be a possibility getting to know your new surrounding and to adapt more easily (if you’re not a local). By meeting native speakers you can learn everyday language which is partly different from the language you got taught at school.

Another advantage of having a tandem partner is that you don’t have to (if you don’t want to) sit in a library or another closed space for helping each other with your language. The possible activities, for instance in Berlin, are endless!

Cultural differences might create problems or they make it much easier for you to talk to your tandem partner.

Finding a tandem partner isn’t always that easy.. It’s not only about finding somebody who has more or less the same language level you also have to get along. Otherwise it will be difficult to hold a good conversation. Cultural differences might create problems or they make it much easier for you to talk to your tandem partner. So did I already experience difficulties which were not easy to handle with but happenings like this are totally normal.

Language in whatever form enables us to communicate with other people. Especially the strategy of improving foreign languages by having a tandem partner demonstrates that it can bring friends together.

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