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Welcome to the Hotel Valentino

I’m not sure where to start with telling you about my travel to Rome with my German grandma. It’s been our dream for many many years and now we finally did it. Eventhough I saw many Italian cities I’ve never been to Rome. Our trip began to be adventurous right before we left the house twenty minutes after midnight because we had to get the last train. Actually my grandma…

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Body positivity

Photography became more and more a passion of mine that’s why I bought a camera some months ago. I really like taking photos of other people while doing so it’s not important which appearance I have.   Sometimes I’m with friends who take pictures of me as well as I take some of them. In the last years I became much more self-confident, there’s my healthy self-confidence on the one…

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Language enables people to connect!

Now I finished high school and I’m more than happy with this. Eventhough I (somehow) hated school, there have been some advantages every student could have taken from our everyday’s nightmare. I know, not everybody loves foreign languages as much as I do but we all had the luck to take lessons in at least one language. I’ve been studying English for twelve years with several different teachers who expected…

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